Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholders Interaction formats and mechanisms
  • Labour relations under the Collective
  • Bargaining Agreement
  • Social partnership
  • Employee surveys and sociological monitoring
  • Management functions
  • Conflict resolution procedures
Educational institutions
  • Targeted student admission arrangements
  • Benefits for children of Russian Railways’ employees
  • Joint academic and cultural events
  • Input to the work of educational institutions from Russian Railways’ employees
Shareholders and investors
  • Arranging the issuance of technical specifications
  • Arranging assessment of the project’s economic efficiency for Russian Railways and its investor
  • Creating project teams
  • Drafting and signing of cooperation agreements on project implementation
  • Regular working meetings at various levels
  • Signing of agreements to connect the investor’s non-public infrastructure assets to Russian Railways’ infrastructure
Government authorities and local communities across the Company’s footprint
  • Implementation of master cooperation agreements associated with railway transportation
  • Drafting, signing, and implementation of mid-term social and economic cooperation agreements with Russia’s regional authorities
  • Organising train days attended by heads of regions and Russian Railways Group’s representatives
  • Regular working meetings with Russia’s regional leaders
  • Joint participation in the events held to support the image of Russian regions and the Russian Railways Group
  • Meetings of interregional and regional transportation coordination councils, permanent working groups and committees involving representatives of Russian regions and local enterprises
  • Preparation for and cooperation during conference calls with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation involving representatives of the Russian Railways Group, SPC and Russian regions
  • Maintaining dialogue with regional legislative bodies during the meetings of dedicated committees
  • Expert support to members of the State Duma and the Federation Council
  • Drafting and implementation of Russian Railways’ action plans in line with the legislative work schedule of the Federation Council and the State Duma, taking into account the legislative activities of the Government of the Russian Federation
  • Monitoring and organising events at the Federal Assembly’s platforms
  • Monitoring and analysis of the information disclosed in the State Duma’s automated system for supporting legislative activity
  • Meetings of Russian Railways with the Presidential Executive Office, Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Executive Office of the Government of the Russian Federation, ministries and other federal authorities, and regional and local government authorities
  • Handling of queries from members of the State Duma and the Federation Council
  • Focus on preventive management of the external environment
Social partnership
  • Interaction with national and international non-governmental organisations as regards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, participation in joint events, review of initiatives, including those related to federal laws governing social and labour relations
  • Liaising with industry trade unions in ensuring social security of  employees and retirees
  • Non-financial/sustainability reporting
Mass media and non-governmental organisations
  • Press releases covering Russian Railways’ operations
  • Replies to media enquiries
  • Accompanying journalists during photo and video tours at infrastructural facilities
  • Railway station services
  • Passenger transportation services
  • Catering services on board
  • Developing feedback channels:
    • questionnaires at railway stations
    • Unified Information Service Centre
    • Enquiries via the mobile app
    • Russian Railways’ website
    • surveys at and on Sapsan trains
  • Passenger satisfaction surveys
Freight transportation clients
  • Basic freight transportation services
  • Transportation and logistics services related to basic freight transportation services, including public railway infrastructure services
  • Russian Railways’ information services
  • Developing feedback channels:
    • Unified Freight Transportation Call Centre, part of Russian Railways Unified Information Service Centre
    • personal account of the client of JSC “Russian Railways”
    • Enquiries via the RZD Cargo mobile app
    • Freight section of the Russian Railways website
    • Sales offices
  • Client satisfaction surveys